Hearing Services for
Pensioners and Veterans

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) is managed by the Office of Hearing Services (the Office) for eligible clients to access a range of hearing services.
Hearing services may include:

  • A comprehensive hearing assessment performed by a hearing services provider.
  • Access to a wide range of quality free-to-client hearing devices, made by leading manufacturers.
  • If you are fitted with a hearing device, you will receive advice on how to achieve maximum benefit from your device.
  • Further support and hearing services, which can be accessed even if fitting a hearing device is not suitable.
  • Access to an optional annual maintenance agreement where, for a small fee, you can receive repairs and batteries to support your hearing device.
  • For further information refer to the maintenance agreements.

All services delivered under the program are completed by hearing services providers with appropriate skills.

For further information go to http://www.hearingservices.gov.au

FREE Services for
Eligible Adults

Eligible Adults may be covered under the Commonwealth Hearing Services Voucher System.

Our friendly staff are available to answer your questions regarding this Federal Government Service on 07 5445 3337 or you may simply email us.

Optimisation of your
current Hearing Device

Hearing levels change over time. There are even times when brand new Hearing Devices are not appropriately programmed for the hearing losses they are designed to overcome.

Experienced clinicians at Clear Hearing Buderim can easily recalibrate devices to optimise the benefits that can be achieved. All done on site.

Maintaining the majority of Hearing Devices is simple, but very important when required. Why not contact us to hear about our FREE services for cleaning, repair and battery supply.

Provider of accessories for
improved quality of life

Clear Hearing Buderim has a great range of devices that can improve your quality of life and the live’s of your family.

Wireless technology for televisions, telephones, remote control devices and amazing new programs that allow you to choose sound levels in altering noise environments with the use of your mobile phone.

Workplace, Sporting
and Leisure

Increasing numbers of our customers have no detectable hearing loss at all. They have chosen to take care of their hearing before it is too late.

Employees who work in high noise environments, sporting shooters, swimmers, musicians and many others have found the benefits of individually moulded hearing protection.

and Medical Testing

Medical Practitioners, employers and many others refer to Clear Hearing Buderim for a vast array of hearing services.

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