Are hearing aids worse than Brussels sprouts?

By September 19, 2019Uncategorized

Everyone wears something in their ears these days. And the new high-tech, sound-enhancing hearing aids are nothing like the ones our grandparents were fitted with.

So why do so many of us resist taking the plunge?

Why do too many wear them for a week & then stick them in a drawer, pulling them out only for important social occasions, which often flop thanks to “that thing not working properly”?

Wearing hearing aid/s is a powerful statement of the value you place on yourself, your relationships and your role in the world.

By wearing hearing aid/s you eliminate that unpleasant frown-y face and get rid of those vacant, blank looks that tell your friends you’re not following the conversation. Your speech will become clearer to you and others – because you’re now hearing your own voice better. Having better connections with the people you love or who interest you, leads to better health.

How can wearing hearing aids possibly be worse than Brussels sprouts?

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